The Parliament of Adygea elected Kumpilov, the head of the Republic

Murat Kumpilov

The deputies of the Parliament of Adygeya in a Single day of voting was elected Murat Kumpilov, the head of the Republic. On Sunday, September 10, reports RIA Novosti.

For Kumpilov was voted by all 48 members of Parliament.

Since January, he served as acting head of the Republic.

Competition the new head of the Adygea Republic was made by two people — the Chairman of the Committee on legislation, legality and local self-government of the regional Parliament Alexander Loboda and CEO of zarem, Shamsudin Pshizov.

It is expected that the inauguration of head of Republic will take place later on Sunday.

March 23, 2016, the deputies of the Parliament of Adygea Republic abolished the direct popular election of the President. Parties offer their candidates to the President of Russia, which determines the three candidates. Among them, the deputies of the local Parliament choose a new leader by secret ballot.