The Ministry of transport proposes to amend the rules of examination of passengers of the metro


RIA Novosti

The transport Ministry has drafted a bill amending the rules of examination of passengers in the subway, reports “Russian newspaper” with reference to the relevant document. The draft law, in particular, establishes the grounds for inspection: it shall be passengers who behave suspiciously, and those who responded frame metalloenzymes.

In addition, the document requires to pass the passenger on the ticket and the passport in the so-called the zone of transport security, which exists when landing on “Sapsan” and in aviation. To get to the landing, after preliminary verification of documents and inspection. The transport Ministry also clarifies the rules of carrying chemical substances in carry-on baggage: they should be in the package, is provided with accompanying information. Transportation of reagents in the exposed or external packaging will be banned.

In addition, the Ministry of transport proposes to allow to skip the fare in Latin and passport in Cyrillic. As the paper notes, according to the international regulations, shipping documents are issued in Latin, and the passenger after purchasing the ticket itself takes its name. The transport Ministry said, however, that if discrepancies in the transliteration are too large, then the passenger can skip the transport and transfer of police.

Earlier it became known that in July, some of the metro stations of St. Petersburg began a thorough inspection of passengers. The measures were taken after the incident in the St. Petersburg subway attack. The explosion on 3 April, killed 14 people, about 50 people were injured.

After the attack, the Federal Agency for transport supervision have inspected the stations of Saint Petersburg metro, the result of which found that none of the stations does not meet the safety criteria. In particular, the Rostransnadzor called incompetent service on the metro and found that set in the metro video surveillance does not meet the safety criteria.