The access of Russians to the closed diobject possible with the American escort


© AP Photo/Eric Risberg

Access the official representatives of Russia in three of its blocked in the US diplomatic facility is possible now only with a separate permission from Washington and with the American escort. This was confirmed on Thursday, the state Department official of high rank.

“Under the Vienna Convention [on diplomatic relations of 1961] the receiving side decides whether the property be used for maintaining a diplomatic or other similar activities, and that possibility has now been removed,” — said the representative of the American foreign Ministry, commenting on the situation around the Russian Consulate in San Francisco trade mission in Washington and its offices in new York.

“[But] they own [this] property. They can go in there with the permission of the U.S. Department of state and [us] escort,” continued the diplomat, speaking on Russian officials. On the question of whether guarding currently the US government these three sites of foreign state property of Russia, it is difficult to answer. “I doubt it”, — declared the member of the state Department.

Touching upon the issue of examination of three Russian diplomatic facilities by the US security officials, he said: “This [was] the passage, confirming that the diplomatic activity stopped.” “We confirm that they [the Russians] it stopped,” said the American diplomat. However, he claimed that made by his Russian colleagues the video of the inspection three staff of the diplomatic missions of US intelligence are a “propaganda film the other side”.

“This [American made party to the action] is what you [in such cases] do. You’re making a passage, and when this process is finished, you confirm [the diplomatic activity]. It is not a search, a passage designed to confirm that the activities in which it engaged, is completed,” added the spokesman.

Observation of the correspondent of TASS, the American guard at the building of the trade mission of the Russian Federation in Washington is missing, in front of the complex continues to hover Russian flag. Three aforesaid object came under the control of the Department of diplomatic security of the Department of state. This is a power division of the American foreign Ministry, with US the status of a separate Federal law enforcement Agency. It is helping the security of the chief of American diplomacy, and missions abroad, prevent fraud with passports and visas, protecting U.S. foreign officials of high rank.