Putin voted in the municipal elections in Moscow

Putin voted in the municipal elections in Moscow

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin took part in the vote in the municipal elections in Moscow, Interfax reports.

The President voted at the polling station # 2151, located in the building of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).

Greeting the staff of Wick Putin showed my passport, received a ballot and went to the voting booth. After that he went to one of the transparent boxes and put it in a document.

On plot no 2151 the turnout was low in contrast to 2016, when it held the election of deputies of the State Duma. According to the Secretary of area Galina Poletaeva, by 11:40 Moscow time on the site voted 51 persons from 1328 the citizens assigned to the area. Violations at the site were recorded.

Despite the arrival of Vladimir Putin, the access of voters on a site did not restrict.

In Moscow in Sunday’s municipal elections: deputies of regional councils choose in 125 municipalities (in all areas of old Moscow, in addition to the local population, and in the city district of Troitsk in the New Moscow). In total following the results of voting will be replaced 1502 mandate. According to the Moscow city election Commission on elections of all moved 8329 candidates are representatives of 32 political parties and independent candidates were registered 7665 candidates.

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