NASA: the eruption of the volcano more dangerous asteroid

NASA: the eruption of the volcano more dangerous asteroid

NASA experts believe that the eruption of SUPERVOLCANO will lead to much more dire consequences than the fall of an asteroid, reports The Independent.

The experts comprise on the Ground about twenty SUPERVOLCANO that could Wake at any moment. It is noted that the eruption is only one of them will lead to the deaths of millions of people and “volcanic winter” for many decades.

One of the most dangerous is the volcanic Caldera in Yellowstone national Park (Wyoming, USA). Its dimensions are 55 km by 72 km. In case of an eruption the volcano will destroy everything in around 96 km, leaving Wyoming and adjacent States covered by a meter of ash.

Scientists are developing a plan to prevent a potential catastrophe. So, there is the option of filling the Caldera with water for “cooling” of the volcano. As soon as the water returns to the surface, warming to a temperature higher than 315 degrees, it can be used to generate electricity, and then again merge into the Caldera.

Previously portal wrote that Kamchatka volcano Shiveluch threw a column of ash to a height of 6 km and a Cloud of ash blew on the 50 km to the West and North-West of the volcano. Previously, the volcano has been throwing ash to a height of 7 km and 5.7 km.