Moskalkova has made holding elections in the detention center of the Altai territory

Tatiana Moskalkova

The Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatyana Moskalkova has made holding elections in the detention center of the Altai territory, where the detainees almost lost the opportunity to vote. On Sunday, September 10, reported on the website of the Ombudsman.

Thursday, September 7, in the name Moskalkova received a complaint from a member of the Public oversight Commission (POC) of the region, who said that the local jail is not ready to hold the elections. “All the detainees — citizens of the Russian Federation, were not able to vote because prison officials did not foresee the procedure of issuance of passports. In addition, citizens had the information to which polling station they are assigned, and the Territorial election Commission has not taken any action to implement the electoral rights of citizens”, — stated in the press service of the Ombudsman.

After Moskalkova, after reviewing these materials, applied to the regional UFSIN and the Commissioner for human rights in the Altai region Boris Larin, she was told that by 10 September in all detention centers of the region will bring the ballot boxes. Ready jail to hold elections eventually convinced the regional Ombudsman, along with members of the PMC and observers from candidates and political parties. The result of the vote had the opportunity more than 300 people.

In the single voting day, September 10, elections are held almost in all regions, except Ingushetia, Magadan oblast and St. Petersburg. In 16 subjects choose governors in six deputies of regional parliaments. Only Sunday is 5.8 thousand elections of different levels, the number of candidates exceeds 88 thousand.