Four men received the sentence for rape asked them the way the Brits

Four men, including a juvenile, convicted in the UK for raping a 16-year-old girl who asked for them on the road. On 9 September, reports The Independent.

21-year-old Serse Muslimyar (Shersha Muslimyar), 38-year-old Tamin Rahmani (Tamin Rahmani) and 24-year-old Rafiullah Hamidi (Rafiullah Hamidy) received 14 years of imprisonment. Their accomplice, 17-year-old, whose name was not disclosed, was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

The incident in the English town of Ramsgate (Kent) occurred in September of last year. The victim was returning home after a party. Wanting to know the way to the house of her friend, she turned to the group of men on the street. Those took her to an apartment where he raped, and after the abuse kicked back to the street.

Weeping, the girl was found by two local residents who called the police. It is noted that immediately after the incident Hamidi, went to Italy, however, local law enforcement agencies in March of this year he gave the British authorities after receipt of the European arrest warrant.

All four of them during the trial, denied involvement in the rape, but the court found them guilty.