CEC spoke about the referendum at the cinema

Ella Pamfilova

More than 240 local referendums held in Russia in the single voting day, September 10. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the statement of the CEC of Ella Pamfilova.

Pamfilova stressed that the referendums are held in six regions — Karelia, Chuvash Republic, Altai and Perm regions, Kirov and Samara regions and they are “various local issues”.

In the Olonets region of Karelia, the population decides whether to resume the work of the local cinema. The inhabitants of the white sea region of Karelia will say Yes or no to the construction of a refinery, the inhabitants of the Kem district will decide the fate of a sea port in the pitkäranta district will be determined with the merger of the two schools. In Komsomolsky district, Chuvash Republic held a referendum on the question of the transformation of the village Ursaevo in the same village. And in the Kirov region for a local referendum made the question of change of borders of municipal formations in the two districts

“Over 90 percent of reporting on the referendum questions concern the introduction of self-taxation of citizens or the introduction of fees in the amount of 100 rubles to 1000 rubles, and the use of these funds to different local needs, for example the arrangement of places of mass rest of the population, the holding of national festivals and sporting events, the device road and path network, the device playgrounds and sports grounds,” — said Pamfilova.

Sep 10, in Russia passes uniform day of voting. Direct elections of heads of subjects will be held, in particular, in the Mari El Republic, Karelia, Mordovia, Belgorod, Kaliningrad, Kirov, Novgorod, Ryazan, Yaroslavl regions and in Sevastopol, for which this is the first ever direct elections of the city head.

In the capital, elections of the councils of deputies of the 125 districts — all the districts of old Moscow, in addition to the local population, as well as in the city district of Troitsk in the New Moscow. According to the results of voting will be replaced 1502 mandate. According to Mothersurname, the elections moved 8329 candidates — representatives of 32 political parties and independent candidates were registered 7665 candidates.