At the French station shot and killed two adults with young children

A family of four people, including two children aged 3 and 5 years, shot at the railway station of Noyon in the Oise Department in Northern France. All four were killed. On Sunday, September 10, reports the Daily Mail.

After committing the crime, the shooter killed himself. As noted by the witness to the incident on the ground near the bodies lay the gun.

According to Le Parisien, dead — mother, her two children and, presumably, a friend of the family, whom they escorted. Also, according to the French newspaper, there were two shooters, one of them committed suicide, and the second fled the scene. Currently he is wanted by the police.

Law enforcement officers cordoned off the railway station, arrived at the scene armed guards and a helicopter.

At the end of may in the shooting, which occurred in Mississippi, killing eight people. The suspect was arrested shortly after the crime. Among the dead were the Deputy Sheriff of the County.