The turnout for early voting in Barnaul exceeded 5 percent

The turnout for early voting in Barnaul (Altai territory) amounted to 26 thousand people — more than 5 percent of the total number of residents of the municipality eligible to vote. On Friday, September 8, said “the Tape.Roux,” a member of the CEC Alexander Kinev.

He explained that on 30-31 August, the number of people who voted early, was a few thousand. “Unfortunately, the situation continues to worsen, the source said. — If as of September 6, it was 14 thousand people, then in later days, on 7 and 8 August, this number increased to 26 thousand.”

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Kinev explained that the statutory threshold of 1 percent, the intersection of which introduces a special procedure of calculation: “all polling stations will be a separate counting of votes of voters who voted early.”

He also noted that the figures for the turnout vary depending on the constituency. “While we cannot draw definitive conclusions about the causes and the events that served as justification for all these processes,” — said CEC member.

According to the website of the TV channel “Our news”, the Chairman of the Commission Ella Pamfilova at the meeting on 6 September drew attention to the fact that in Russia as a whole the figures for early voting minimum: “Yaroslavl region — 0,05%, Tver — 0.07 percent. But we knocked one region — the city of Barnaul”.

The Chairman of the regional electoral Commission of the Altai Irina Akimova on 7 September stated that active voting Barnaul is because in the day they will go to the country. In addition, in advance to participate in the election officers and agencies, including law enforcement agencies, which in a single day of voting will work, quoted Akimova “Rosbalt”.

According to “Kommersant”, the Altai, the Communists declared their readiness to go to the rally, if the turnout for early voting in the elections to the Duma of Barnaul will exceed the five percent threshold. The first Secretary of the regional Communist party cell Maria Prusakova filed notice to the city administration about the conduct of the September 17 protests “about the legitimacy of the elections” on one thousand people.

At the same time, after criticism of the CEC, regional election Commission has taken steps to turnout in early voting was not as high — PEC members began to demand that citizens of a document stating that the voter really won’t be able to attend the polling station on September 10.

Early voting in the municipal elections in the Altai region started on 30 August and end on 9 September. In a single day golosovaniem the region will be allocated more than 6 thousand seats. In Barnaul this day will be 40 elections of deputies local Gordumy. According to municipal electoral Committee in the municipality was 515 thousand voters.

In 2012, overall turnout in the elections to the city Duma of Barnaul was less than 18 percent.