Scientists announced the completion of magnetic storms caused by solar flares

Scientists announced the completion of magnetic storms caused by solar flares

MOSCOW, 9 sen — news. The strongest over the past 12 years, the surge in solar activity took place on 6-8 September: on the surface of celestial bodies have been several flashes of extreme brilliance in the face of the Earth was emitted by the coronal material. On our planet this phenomenon has caused a strong geomagnetic storm, but so far no negative effects of a solar flare resulted.

The shock wave from the first explosion reached the Earth much sooner than expected — in the midnight (8 Sep) started strong (level 4 on a 5-point scale) geomagnetic storm. According to forecasts of the National oceanic and atmospheric administration (NOAA) magnetic storm was supposed to end at 18.00 GMT, however, according to Laboratory x-ray astronomy of the Sun Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences (LPI RAS), ended only in the night from 8 to 9 November (Moscow time).

The first outbreak occurred on Wednesday and became the most powerful in the last 12 years. She was rated a score of X9.3. The recent explosion of such force was recorded 12 years ago — September 7, 2005. Sunspot, on whose territory an outbreak, stayed active until 8 September, it yielded up three middle (M) and one strong (level X) flash. The latest outbreak, the strength approach the maximum level of X that occurred around 11.00 GMT. After the sun occurred four flashes average.

Canceractive and the placebo effect

During the first outbreak at the stellar surface spread of seismic waves, which scientists call the “concetration”, told RIA Novosti leading researcher of the space research Institute (IKI) Russian Academy of Sciences Alexey struminski.

“Interesting in this outbreak is the fact that at the time of individual flares observed canceractive, when the Sun is subject to seismic waves, and they are visible on the images,” he said.

According to strutinskogo, no harm to health consequences of such an outbreak should not bring. “There are people who are in it (the effect of solar flares on health) believe, there are who do not believe. If to speak about those who believe it will be affected as well as affected by the same outbreaks in previous cycles… Almost no one will notice,” said the scientist.

He said that despite the flash on, the radio communications and satellites will be provided to only a small effect.

Several different opinion the head of the Moscow space club Ivan Moiseev. According to him, the outbreak could lead to failures in the operation of the satellites. Outages should not happen, but the temporary technical failures during geomagnetic storms — occurring phenomenon.

But the possibility of the negative impact of flares on human health Moiseev was expelled. Harmful effect, rather, factors of a psychological nature.

“Such facts, scientific studies have not yet been recorded. Theoretically — Yes, it’s possible, but practically it has not been proven. You have to understand that the “placebo effect” in the sense of people reading news on outbreaks, as well as spots on the Sun, has a stronger impact on their physical and emotional state. People worry, expect trouble, so they happen,” says Moses.