Putin presented the Perm robot promovata

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown developed in Perm information technology cluster robot promovate. About it reports TASS on Friday, September 8.

Five-foot robot shook hands with the President: “Hello, Vladimir Vladimirovich!” After that, Putin shook hands with him.

The robot, according to the representative of the cluster, completely made in Perm. Experts taught him to fill out the paperwork and make the payments. The President was invited to Perm to “Battle robots”, organized by company.

In the course of communication with representatives of the IT cluster Putin has approved the idea of creating in the region of Federal center of robotics. With this initiative, approached the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company “Promorama” Alexey Yuzhakov. He cited data showing that the robotics market by 2020 could rise to 80 billion rubles.

“Only with such a Federal center to compete with other countries because competencies are very important to share, not to pay for them dearly,” said Yuzhakov. “It can be done,” — said the Russian President.

On 1 September the head of state on the open lesson for the pupils expressed confidence that the status of “ruler of the world” will go to the country that will be the best in creating artificial intelligence.