Putin opened the Park “Zaryadye” and called the reconstruction of Moscow troublesome affair

Vladimir Putin and Sergei Sobyanin

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin together with mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin on Saturday, September 9, took part in the opening ceremony of the new Moscow Zaryadye Park. It is reported Agency city news “Moscow”.

The expected number of Park visitors — 10 million people a year. This weekend the entrance to territory is possible only by invitation. Since September 11, “charge” will be open to all.

Before speaking at a gala concert on red square on the occasion of the 870th anniversary of Moscow, Putin said that large-scale reconstruction, which takes place in the capital is “for the sake of enhancing comfort and quality of life of Muscovites”.

“Reconstruction is always difficult, troublesome thing, as the repairs in the apartment. Sooner or later it should start. And it is good that the Moscow authorities are actively, strongly took up the matter in consultation with the residents of the capital”, — said the President. Speech published on the Kremlin website.

“Charge” is built near the Kremlin on the site of the former hotel “Russia”. He became the first largest Park of Moscow, built in the historic center of the capital over the past 70 years.

The Park covers an area of 10.2 hectares. Green space is divided into four landscape zones: steppe, meadow, North of the valley, as well as the kind forest. In the “Zaryadye” 752 planted tree, 7 thousand bushes. In all there are 120 species of plants.

The area of all objects constructed in the Park, almost 84 thousand square meters. Among significant objects — the information pavilion of the “Dome” pavilion “media center” pavilion “Protected the Embassy.” The key object was “Floating bridge” which is located under the embankment of the Moscow river.