“Irma”, “Jose” and “Kate” — not too many hurricanes at the same time?

“Irma”, “Jose” and “Kate” — not too many hurricanes at the same time?

While hurricane “Irma” continues its destructive path over the Caribbean Islands and closer to Florida, another two tropical storms reached hurricane strength. For their progress very closely by meteorologists.

The national hurricane center of the United States (NHC) reports that after the “Irma” to the Caribbean approaching hurricane Jose.

To the West of the “Irma”, over the Gulf of Mexico storm “Katya” has increased and reached the level of a hurricane. The authorities of the Mexican state of Veracruz urge people to take action.

Just two weeks ago, Texas was hit by hurricane “Harvey”, which was rated the fourth category on a five point scale of Safira-Simpson.

This year’s Atlantic hurricane season is extremely active. This is similar to 2005, when hurricanes “Katrina” and “Wilma” caused record-breaking destruction.

Many scientists now wonder: can it be considered normal so the increased frequency of hurricanes?

Climate change?

“It happens not so often,” said chief meteorologist channel EN-bi-si in interview Bi-bi-si.