In Sydney will build the world’s first artificial reef

In Sydney will build the world’s first artificial reef

To each fish, small and big, new house instead of destroyed during the construction of breakwaters and other underwater structures in the Bay of Sydney, near the famous Opera will build the world’s first artificial reef.

The building of the Sydney Opera house is one of the most recognizable in the world. Soon, in addition to the famous roof of the Sydney sailboat will get another attraction, this time the science of persuasion — the world’s first artificial reef.

Trying to protect the diversity of species in Sydney harbour, the researchers plan to create a new ecosystem.

The team of researchers involved in the project, said that over the years of building the Harbor was built many concrete structures. Some of them — more than a hundred years. Where the roots of mangrove trees has created excellent conditions for the local fish, now I live only the most persistent: the mangroves gave way to concrete walls.

Artificial reef needs to rectify the situation. Designers and marine biologists are still working on the project, but it is clear that the design of the reef will be organized to give shelter to all kinds of living creatures living in the Bay. The reef will consist of cubes or balls with a diameter of about one meter.

Biologists say that now in the harbour, all is not so bad, fish and other animals are not extinct, but that is why scientists want to test on this relatively healthy ecosystem, is it possible to make it even richer at the expense of artificial structures.