Grigory Yavlinsky announced the end of the post-Soviet modernization

Grigory Yavlinsky announced the end of the post-Soviet modernization

Co-founder of Yabloko Grigory Yavlinsky September 9, will present at the International book fair book “the End of an era” (“Kommersant” familiar with it). The collection of articles he argues that “the era of the transformation of Russia into a modern European country” has failed. One of the signs of collapse he sees that “the people left-the carriers of ideas”, and the point was put by events in Ukraine. Mr. Yavlinsky should come from the “Apple” in the President, but he hardly puts “the task of electoral expansion,” says the analyst.

Today at the International book fair, the leader of the Moscow Yabloko Sergei Mitrokhin told about the work of the party Center of anti-corruption policy for the year to February 2016. Experts of the center have investigated 47 cases involving offences of corruption. For example, detecting signs of cartel (vendor collusion) among firms engaged in catering to Moscow kindergartens, schools and colleges.

“Apple” during this time, also found that the competition for the preparation of the report of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation on the state of civil society in Russia in 2016 won Spektr, OOO, specializing in sewing of clothes, and a number of other violations. Proposed centre and amendments to the regulations. Including on disclosure of purchases “Gazprom” and “Rosneft”.

Tomorrow Grigory Yavlinsky will present to the visitors of the fair book “the End of an era”. Mr. Yavlinsky is sure that in the 2016-2017 year ended “era of political transformation of Russia into a modern European country, part of the modern developed world the rule of law and effective market economy, to the country of the rights and dignity of man.”

However, beginning in 1985, she ended up with the “collapse”. “Gone are the people-the bearers of these ideas: dead, gone, disappointed. Collapsed or are on the verge of extinction structures and institutions created during these years for their implementation”.

According to Mr. Yavlinsky, a “marker of the collapse of post-Soviet modernization, the last line was the annexation of Crimea and war with Ukraine” the operation in Syria. Note that “Apple” is leading a campaign under the slogan “Time to go home”: party members explain how much could be saved in the event of termination of the military operation in the Arab country.