Abyzov has offered to take officials official cars and giving awards for civil servants

Mikhail Abyzov

The number of serving state officials automobiles should be reduced, said the Minister for Open government Mikhail Abyzov. The proposal he made on Friday, September 8, reports TASS.

“We have a lot of cost ineffective. For example, the costs of high-level officials by road. These civil servants, officials, ready to abandon this transport? But they should probably improve, including Fund of material incentives,” said Abyzov, speaking at a Moscow financial forum.

According to him, part of the savings on non-official vehicles, can be spent on financial incentives for civil servants to reward them depending on results.

“I’m four years asked the Ministry of Finance to transfer [funds] from one row to the next, save the state billions of rubles. But the things are there,” said the Minister.

On 11 July it became known that Federation Council member Lyudmila Narusova asked to compensate it expenses for use of personal cars for business purposes. It was noted that a similar appeal was received in the relevant Senate Committee for the first time.

At the end of may it was reported that the Russian Ministry of steel to reduce costs due to travel and print documents. It was noted that the Ministry of Finance, in addition, saved by reducing spending on transportation.