Uzbekistan pledged to adhere to the commitments with Russia


RIA Novosti

The Ambassador of Uzbekistan in Russia Bakhrom Ashrafhanov said that Russia is Uzbekistan’s long-term and time-tested strategic partner, and assured implementation by the Republic of allied commitments.

“Uzbekistan highly appreciate and value the progressive, dynamic, successfully developing bilateral relations with Russia,” said Ashrafhanov Thursday at a reception in the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Moscow.

He noted that Uzbekistan and Russia “fully support each other in the international arena”.

“Uzbek-Russian relations over the past quarter century has experienced many different stages, they were difficult times,” — the Ambassador admitted, but noted that “our bilateral relations have never worn a hostile or antagonistic in nature.”

“Russia is one of Uzbekistan’s long-term and time-tested strategic partner, and Moscow can be confident that our country will continue to follow its commitments,” he assured Ashrafhanov.

According to him, “now the multifaceted cooperation between Uzbekistan and Russia is experiencing one of the most favorable and dynamic stages, our ties go to a completely different content level.”