Undermined in Kiev Chechen militants remembered role in the elimination of Basayev

The certificate issued Makhauri in the “battalion named after Sheikh Mansur”

Media reported the deaths in Kiev, a native of Chechnya Timur Makhauri, drew attention to the fact that he could be involved in the elimination of Chechen terrorist Shamil Basayev.

According to the newspaper “Delo”, Makhauri was also suspected in a series of murders of supporters of the leader of the “Caucasus Emirate” (banned in Russia) Doku Umarov, committed on the territory of Turkey. He was known under the names of Ali Dabuev and Ruslan Papaskiri, noted in January of this year, Turkish newspaper Anadolu Haber.

“Kommersant” with reference to law enforcement bodies of Turkey wrote in 2014 that Makhauri could be involved in the operations of the Russian special services, which was eliminated Basayev. The newspaper, citing Turkish Prosecutor Ahmet Demiroluk, reported that the truck, which has been undermined by a Chechen terrorist, was prepared Makhauri. In turn, the Chechen Diaspora did not rule out the possibility that Makhauri might not know that sent Basayev transport was full of explosives.

Makhauri was killed in the afternoon of 8 September in the explosion of a car near Bessarabska square in Central Kiev. According to the interior Ministry of Ukraine, worked the explosive device. Also injured a woman and child who were in the same car.

According to some, Makhauri was the Chechen volunteer “battalion named after Sheikh Mansur”, which is involved in armed conflict in the Donbass.

Shamil Basayev, who organized a number of high-profile terrorist attacks in Russia, including hostage-taking on Dubrovka and in Beslan, was killed in July 2006 in the area of the Ingush village of Ekazhevo. According to the FSB, the security forces killed by explosion accompanied them truckloads of arms and ammunition.