The smallest village of Switzerland will be turned into a hotel

The smallest village of Switzerland will be turned into a hotel

The village of Corippo in the Canton of Ticino, which is considered to be the smallest in Switzerland, will be turned into a hotel. Reported by the BBC.

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It is noted that due to the depopulation of the town, founded over 600 years ago, has lost almost all of the population. In the XIX century the place was inhabited by 300 people, today 16, including the mayor. The village has no schools, no shops. All its population are pensioners.

To save Corippo authorities decided to create the so-called “scattered hotel” (albergo diffuso) which requires the accommodation of tourists in a deserted or abandoned the homes of local residents.

For this building will be restored, if necessary, and equipped with bathrooms and running water. It is noted that the reception area of the new hotel will be located in a local bar.

Director of tourism of the Canton of Ticino Elia Frapolli says that the village will be a great destination to relax and escape from life in the twenty-first century.

This is the perfect place for what we call a digital detox.Elia prepolitical the tourism of the Canton of Ticino

It is noted that in carrying out all the preparatory work will take some time, at least a year.

In July it was reported that the flow of tourists to the village, Lavertezzo in the South of Switzerland rose sharply after the Internet published captured in village video.