The former ideologist of the movement “Nashi” announced presidential ambitions

Boris Yakimenko

Russian public figure, former head of the Orthodox corps of the movement “Nashi” Boris Yakimenko stated desire to nominate his candidacy for the presidential elections in 2018. He told RIA Novosti.

He noted that he would like to go to the polls as an independent candidate. “I would not want to rely on a party. The presidential campaign has not started yet, so now I will try to prepare at least some of the platforms on which it will be possible to begin the process and then quietly, as it should be,” — said Yakimenko.

Yakimenko said about his supporters, including his former students and former members of the movement “Nashi”. “I now write, ask if they are for me to do something. Moreover, they are all from different cities,” he said.

Also, Yakemenko spoke about his election program: it is based on the principle appeals to everyone with a question: “and what will he do in 20 years when technology actually expel it from society, when it practically ceases to exist, it will be built into the Internet?”. It seems to me that one of the tasks of the head of the country is that you have to tell people where they belong, and try together with them to find him. Therefore, this postulate needs to build the whole future programme,” said Yakimenko.

Concerning the economic part of his program, he announced that he would like to bring to the work of students of economic universities and economic departments. “I would like to ask experts on which zamylilsya eyes. I would like to get young people to decide where they will live in 20 years”, — said Yakimenko.

The social-political movement “Nashi” was created in 2005. Seven years later on its basis there was a party “Smart Russia”. December 1, 2016, the Supreme court eliminated her for violating the law on political parties, in particular the lack of financial reports.

Following the election of the President of Russia will be held in 2018. By law, the elected President will hold office for six years. The current leader of the country Vladimir Putin has the right to run, but he has not announced such an intention.