Scientists: dogs in the bedroom and provide a healthy sleep

Scientists: dogs in the bedroom and provide a healthy sleep

American scientists have found that Pets do not disturb the sleep of their owners. Thus, they refute the widespread belief that animals can interfere with restful sleep owners.

Article with results of a study published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

In the study, researchers watched 40 older people without sleep disorders and their dogs for five months. On seven nights, participants wore an activity sensor that measured the quality of sleep.

According to the study, some pet owners sleep better when their Pets sleep next to them, it does not matter what size the dog is.

However, as the authors of the study, the positive effect is observed only in the case when the dog is sleeping in the same room with the man, but not in his bed. Otherwise sleep quality is reduced.

“Today, many pet owners will spend most of the day away from them and want to communicate with them when they are at home. To sleep in the same room with a pet was a good outlet. And now the owners of domestic animals may be relieved to know that it does not harm to dream,” commented one of the authors, a doctor from the Mayo Clinic, Louis Crane.