Russian with Tatar divide clock

Russian with Tatar divide clock

In Tatarstan insist on the compulsory teaching in all schools of the Republic of Tatar language. This was stated by the regional Ministry of education and science, promising, at the same time increasing the hours of Russian language next year. Earlier on the inadmissibility of reducing the hours of studying the Russian language said Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the Society of Russian culture of Tatarstan consider that regional officials ignore his instruction on the voluntariness of the study of national languages.

The authorities of Tatarstan have agreed to increase the volume of teaching of Russian in schools of the Republic to the “amounts recommended by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation”. The number of hours would be increased from 1 January 2018, reported the Ministry of education of the Republic.

The decision taken by Prime Minister Alexei Pesoshin “on the basis of proposals” of the interdepartmental Commission on realization of instructions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, who in July this year held in Yoshkar-Ola meeting of the Council for interethnic relations. Then the President stated that “to force a person to learn the language, which is native to him is as wrong as to reduce the level of teaching Russian” and noted that the Russian language “should know everyone.”

“Languages of the peoples of Russia is also an integral part of the distinctive culture of the peoples of Russia. To learn the languages right guaranteed by the Constitution, the right to voluntary,” he said. The Prosecutor General and the national accreditation Agency was requested to check the schools for a voluntary study of native and state languages of the republics.

Recall that in Tatarstan in the 1990s years of the Tatar language is taught in schools mandatory. It is provided by regional law, 1992.

It ensures that both languages in educational institutions and institutions of primary and secondary vocational training are studied in equal volumes.

Parents of students believe that Tatar is taught to the detriment of Russian language and literature. In 2011, the supporters of the society of Russian culture of Tatarstan have already sent a letter who was then President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, which stated that in Tatarstan “children for the entire period of study get instead of 1.2 thousand only 700 hours of Russian language”. This year, activists held in Kazan, the rally “against the linguistic tyranny”, and also gave the Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva the appeal for “suffering at least half of the children” of the region: they are taught “is actually unnecessary, the subject of “Tatar language””.

Ms. Vasilyeva said that is not entirely correct, “if you were born and live on the territory of Bashkiria or Tatarstan and do not know the language at the household level.”

In the Bashkortostan Republic in the spring of last check of the state office of public Prosecutor on complaints of parents, dissatisfied with the coercion of pupils to studying of the Bashkir language. The head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov, after receiving the Prosecutor’s submission stated that the priority of education should be to “meet the needs of students in the study of native languages in strict compliance with Federal and Republican legislation.” In terms of schools began to abandon language learning.

However, in Tatarstan authorities insist that the Tatar language will be compulsory for schoolchildren.

In the message of the regional Ministry of education stated that the Constitution recognizes the republics “the right to establish state languages of subjects of the Russian Federation”, the law “provides its study as the state language of the Republic of Tatarstan in the sphere of education”. Officials remind you that in 2004 parents had already appealed to the constitutional court of Russia and the study of the Tatar language “is recognized as not contradicting the Constitution”.

“Accordingly, the Tatar language as a compulsory subject to be studied in all educational institutions of Tatarstan”, — emphasized in the Ministry. The reason for such a statement was circulated on the social networks the calls and examples of applications for the abandonment of the study of the Tatar language. The regional Ministry stated that these calls “are contrary to applicable law and mislead parents and students”.