Vladimir Putin promised to “take appropriate measures” to those of Ministry officials who “do not understand the development priorities of the country.” With such statement the President made comment on the situation in the far East. The words of the President “Moscow Komsomolets”.

“… to those who will not execute the decisions taken, appropriate measures will be taken. Need to bring in the Ministry people who understand the country’s development priorities. Please bear that in mind and fix the situation,” Putin said.

The corresponding statement Putin made at the Eastern economic forum (WEF), after the words of the presidential envoy to FEFD Yuri Trutnev that the Ministry of health has allocated Federal district only 0.4% of the funds provided under the development programme, and the Ministry of culture — 0.3%. For 25 years the far East left 2 million people. Every year the population of the region is reduced by 0.3%. At the same time, the level of alcoholics per 100 thousand people is twice the national average: 120. According to Trutnev, for the return of people in the region need to build infrastructure, schools, hospitals, kindergartens.