Nesigur will reveal itself on election day

The identity of the author of the Telegram-channel “Nesigur” devoted to the Russian policy, may be disclosed in the online-marathon “election Night — 2017”. About it “” said the organizers on Thursday, September 7.

According to them, the author of “Nizagara” is listed among the bloggers, akkreditovyvalisj to participate in the marathon.

One of the authors of “night of the elections,” political analyst Dmitry Gusev said that he knows the name of the Creator of Telegram channel, whose identity still remains a mystery.

Online marathon will be held in a single voting day, September 10. It will bring together over 200 politicians, political scientists, sociologists and journalists. The event will start at 14:00 Moscow time, in the framework of, in particular, will be opened for live debate “Hype Park”. Participants will be able to ask questions to the representatives of the parties on the political battle in the format of the WTF club.

“Nesigur” — the largest political Telegram channel. At the time of this writing, it was signed by almost 64.5 thousand people. The anonymous author analyzes the Russian political situation, publishes the insides of the linkages between elites motivated criminal cases against former officials, and personnel changes.

The name of the channel is connected with the name of Michael Sigara — former editor-in-chief of TV channel “Rain” who wrote the book “the Kremlin’s men”. It was suspected of involvement in the creation of the channel, but there have been many other versions. So, in June on the website of journalist Oleg Kashin was published the investigation, which was allegedly established that the channel is an employee of the company “Renova”. The author of “Nizagara” called the material failure.