Mexico is threatened by a tsunami after a strong earthquake

Mexico is threatened by a tsunami after a strong earthquake

An earthquake of magnitude 8 occurred in the Pacific ocean off the coast of Mexico. Several countries in Latin America could collapse tsunami, seismologists warn.

The epicenter of the earthquake is 100 km South-East of the city Pijijiapan, and its center lies at a depth of 35 kilometers, according to the Agency for geological monitoring of United States.

“Tsunami waves up to three meters in height can be observed on the coast of Mexico,” reports Agence France-Presse message Pacific centre for tsunami warning.

Also the waves can reach Argentina, Guatemala, El Salvador and other countries in the region, but they will be weaker than in Mexico, is noted in the center.

The earthquake felt in Mexico city, which is a few hundred kilometers from the epicenter.

Eyewitnesses in the city say about strong tremors in several districts the power went out. The quake reached the city at night — the witness in a conversation with Reuters said that people ran out of their houses into the streets in pajamas.

Of significant damage or lost messages.

Mexico is also threatened by the hurricane “Kate”, which was formed in the Gulf of Mexico in the night of Thursday and according to forecasts should reach the coast of Mexico on Friday.

On the eve of hurricane “Kate” increased wind speed reached 140 kilometers per hour. The hurricane reached 300 kilometers in diameter and is now to the South-East of the city of Tampico.