Lithuania invited the EU to create a “military Schengen”

Lithuania invited the EU to create a “military Schengen”

Moscow. September 8. INTERFAX.RU Lithuania urges EU leaders to create a “military Schengen area”, to quickly transfer troops across Europe, reports the Ministry of defence of the country.

According to him, this “project supported by many States, its implementation is important both for the EU and for NATO.”

The initiative to establish a “military Schengen” was discussed at a meeting of the defense Ministers of the EU in Tallinn. The focus of the meeting was devoted to the establishment of a permanent structured military cooperation (PESCO) and the establishment of a European defence Fund.

The European Commission has proposed to establish a European defence Fund, which will Finance projects on development of the defence capabilities. Until 2020 the European Commission plans to provide for the defense of 500 million euros.