Jaguar revealed the car of the future

Jaguar Land Rover has unveiled a prototype car of the future. About it reported in a press release received by the editors”.ru” on Friday, September 8.

According to experts of the company, FUTURE Jaguar-TYPE gives an idea about how will look the cars after 2040. Virtual concept is completely Autonomous vehicle equipped with a smart wheel Sayer. This is the first wheel with artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on voice activation.

It is expected that in the future customers of the brand to customers will be available a full fleet of vehicles of the FUTURE-the TYPE that are completely ready to use. Thus it will be possible to order a car for a specific trip in the most comfortable configuration. During the movement of the FUTURE-TYPE will interact with other cars, and using a number of technologies that will be able to consistently move in the flow of traffic, to reduce the distance between the car and do the rebuild safer and more efficient.

“FUTURE-TYPE gives us an idea of what opportunities will open for us cars in the future. This is our vision of how the premium brand will continue to be desirable in the new digital era. The concept of FUTURE-TYPE — advanced research project that shows what cars we will be able to provide customers Jaguar by 2040 and after it”, — commented on the concept Ian Callum (Ian Callum), design Director of Jaguar.

Jaguar Cars is a brand of the British multinational automotive company Jaguar Land Rover. The headquarters is located in the suburbs of Coventry of West Midlands County. Since 2008 owned by Indian Tata Motors.