In the Sun there was a third powerful flash

In the Sun there was a third powerful flash

On Sun 8 Sep at 11 o’clock Moscow time there was a new strong flare. This is the third powerful explosion over the past three days, who has the highest grade of activity — X. this was reported on Friday, September 8, RIA Novosti with reference to the Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences (FIAN).

Scientists report that the Earth is a magnetic storm, the strength of which reaches four points on a scale that exceeds the predicted values. In Canada, which at the moment is on the night side of the Earth, there are strong auroras.

A series of solar flares began on 4 September.

Five were initially observed weak emission energy of the M-class and 6 September, followed by an explosion on the surface of the Sun, which was the largest for the last 12 years. On 7 September there was a second powerful flash, which was assigned to class X.

The most powerful flares observed on the Sun, emit into the environment tremendous energy. A few minutes into space, it takes about hundreds of billions of megatons of TNT. This is about the fifth part of the energy radiated by the Sun per second, and all the energy that will develop people in a million years (subject to its production with modern pace).