In Britain invented clothing that “grows” with children

In Britain invented clothing that “grows” with children

MOSCOW, 7 sen — news. British designer Ryan Yasin invented clothes for kids that will “grow” along with them, writes The Guardian.

Yasin has developed a special pleated fabric that can stretch in length and width, matching the size of the child. The fabric is waterproof and has a high strength, machine washable and recycling.

Things made of innovative material designed for children from three months to three years.

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In the development of material-“origami” Yassin used the principles of aeronautical engineering, which he studied in College. As to create a “growing” garment the designer was inspired by the observation of young nephews who are quickly grown out of them bought things.

According to Yassin, his invention will not only help parents to save money, but will less pollute the environment — by reducing the cost of production of children’s clothing.