Five former U.S. presidents have begun fundraising for victims of hurricane

Five former U.S. presidents have begun fundraising for victims of hurricane

Five former U.S. presidents launched a campaign to raise funds for victims of the hurricane “Harvey”. This was reported on the website of the campaign, One of America Appeal.


An appeal to help the victims were bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush senior and Junior and Jimmy Carter.

As noted on the website will also gather funds for compensation of possible damage from hurricane “Irma”, who moves to the South American States.

According to One of America Appeal, as a result of hurricane “Harvey” was evacuated 1 million people, damaged more than 200 thousand homes. The amount of damage amounted to $180 billion.

All the money will be transferred to the campaign will be credited to the Fund of the presidential library of George Bush, which “will guarantee that 100 cents of every dollar will go to the victims of the hurricane.” All funds will be transferred to the funds, which are damages noted on the website. Donations will be taxed.

The President of the United States Donald trump endorsed the initiative of their predecessors. “We confront any challenge, no matter how strong wind or high water,” he wrote.

Thursday, September 7, it was reported that the us Senate has approved a package of assistance to the regions which have suffered from hurricane “Harvey”. Also to compensate from possible damage from moving hurricane “Irma” will be allocated $15 billion to affected States will be allocated $15.2 billion First funds will go to victims of “Harvey” in the States of Texas and Louisiana.

According to meteorologists, “Irma” will fall upon the southern States this weekend. He was rated the fifth highest category. Scientists believe that it will be more powerful than hurricane “Harvey”, which killed 60 people.