Beckoning voters to the polls, the apartments and cars

Beckoning voters to the polls, the apartments and cars

In some regions in the single voting day on September 10 will be massive events and promotions. In several regions the authorities have focused on raising turnout among young people, declaring competitions on the turnout between the institutions or the election race. In the Sverdlovsk region will open centers award gift Fund 15 apartments, 130 cars, 10 thousand of household appliances.

10 Sep in 16 regions will elect governors, 6 members of the legislative Assembly, and 11 of the city Duma of the regional centres. In Sevastopol, where will elect the Governor, the universities will compete in the number of students who vote. As told “” in election Committee, each University will get its own hashtag to participate in the contest. On voting day, contest participants must post a photo with your polling station with the hashtag on your personal page “Vkontakte”, no later than 20:00. When counting photos will be considered the attitude of students who vote to the total number of students who have an active electoral right to the University.

The campaign “I decide to 2017” conducts the Kaliningrad regional election Committee (area choose the Governor). Young people, for the first time participating in the elections, will receive gifts — pen, earphones and a coupon entitling them to participate in the drawing of 100 valuable prizes. In addition, the Commission holds the torch #aiguaviva. In all municipalities of the region carried a stylized ballot, where the name of the city or town is marked with a tick. In the framework of torch relay in Kaliningrad on 4 September in the Central square of the festival #aiguaviva.

In Perm (the gubernatorial campaign) concerts DJ Smash and Oleg Gazmanov will be held on the day of voting. In social networks also spread information about the fact that the people from 18 to 35 years at the polling stations will be able to get flyers for free admission to the cinemas.

The tickets will give the cinemas “Kinomaks” and “Sinema Park”.