ATOR advised Russians to postpone the trip to the Dominican Republic due to hurricane

ATOR advised Russians to postpone the trip to the Dominican Republic due to hurricane

The Association of tour Operators (ATOR) recommends that the tourists who plan their holidays in the Dominican Republic, if possible, reschedule the trip or rebook the tour due to Typhoon “Irma”. This is stated in the statement of the Association, received by RBC.

Tourists can also cancel the tour. Because as of 7 September, the Russian authorities have not published any reports about the threat to security in the Dominican Republic, the cancellation of contracts is possible only in a General manner, based on the terms of the contract.

“Tourists do not lose the right of appeal to the tour operators to offer replacement dates or places of recreation. This should be prepared for the fact that it is not always the operator may offer a replacement acceptable to the tour or date of departure” — warn in the Association. In addition, according to ATOR, the tour operator reserves the right to withhold the cost of tour cancellations, if they occur.

In the Association suggest not to rush to cancel the tour if the flight to the Dominican Republic scheduled for the earliest date and to wait for information from the authorities of Russia and the Dominican Republic. In the case that the departure will take place “today or tomorrow”, tourists should contact the travel agent and inquire about the departure and placement.

“Tourists are now in the Dominican Republic, should strictly implement the recommendations of the authorities”, — added in ATOR.

The Association also drew the attention of relatives of tourists vacationing in the Dominican Republic, that now in the Republic of recorded outages of mobile networks and the Internet.

Earlier Rosturizm called in the Dominican Republic the Russians to take precautions with the approach of hurricane “Irma”. The elements already recognized as the most powerful hurricane in Antlantica over the last decade in the United States.

Hurricane “Irma” struck on 7 September on the island of Saint-barthélemy and Saint-Martin, which are part of the French territory located in the Caribbean. There, the disaster has claimed the lives of ten people, another 25 were injured.