Almost 60 percent of Russians confessed in fear to meet Ukrainians in the night

Radio station “Echo of Moscow” organized on its website a survey called “Meet a representative nationality in a dark time of the day are you afraid of?”.

As of 7:30 GMT, the survey involved 8768. 5047 of them (58 percent) admitted that they feared meeting the Ukrainians. 2703 else (or 31 percent) fear a meeting with the Chechens. 12 percent (or 1018 respondents) were undecided.

In July, the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM) presented survey data, the results of which made up a “map of fear” of the Russians. According to the study, most of the inhabitants of the country concerned about rising prices and the likelihood of international conflict. Third place in the ranking took health problems and difficulty obtaining health care — an indicator, demonstrating the level of this fear grew from zero to eight points since the beginning of the year.