Vasilyev said about the need to return to school psychologists

Vasilyev said about the need to return to school psychologists

After the incident, a Moscow Ivanteevka to school need to return the rate of psychologists. This was stated by Minister of education and science Olga Vasilyeva within the framework of the forum, reports “RIA Novosti”.

According to Vasilyeva, the situation at school No. 1 in Sochi, where a teenager opened fire from a pistol, this is “another proof” that the educational establishment need to get the psychologists. According to her, this must be done “promptly”.

“Return knowledge of medical cards to school, boy, it turns out, needed help. This is the first that we have today. And the second is to think seriously about the return of school psychologists,” — said Vasilyev.

The pupil 9 “A” class Michael P. on 5 September, opened fire at school No. 1 in Sochi. He was late for a lesson, which he had a conflict with a teacher, which indicated by its appearance. At some point, the teenager struck the teacher butcher’s hatchet on the head, then fired several shots from a traumatic gun.

Students who heard the gunshots tried to escape. Some of them are jumping out of the window, were injured. The teacher was admitted to hospital with an open craniocerebral injury.

In respect of a schoolboy was a criminal case under article “hooliganism”. SK later added the charge by the article “attempt at murder”.