The Sun has been powerful over the last 12 years flash

The Sun has been powerful over the last 12 years flash

MOSCOW, 6 sen — news. Today the Sun has been powerful over the last 12 years of flash, resulting from the merger of the two largest groups of sunspots, according to Laboratory x-ray astronomy of the Sun Physical Institute named Lebedev.

“Events of such power are the most major that are only able to produce our star and which are formed only under very rare circumstances — usually at the stage of peak solar activity. As it so happened that an outbreak of this level has occurred now, in the context of the solar minimum, yet to understand scientists,” say the astronomers.

Solar flash depending on the power of x-ray radiation share on five classes: A, B, C, M and X. Minimum class A0.0 corresponds power radiation at the Earth’s orbit in 10 NW per square meter. When moving to the next letter power increases 10 times.

Today’s flash belongs to the latter class X, and she was rated a score of X9.3, making it one of the five most powerful explosions on the Sun’s surface that occurred during the observations of similar events.

According to scientists, it occurred at the point facing the Ground, and therefore its impact on our planet will be at its maximum.

While the consequences for life on Earth, astronauts and satellites in orbit is unpredictable, and we learn about them only a few days.

According to experts of the laboratory, the current level of flare activity has gone beyond a ten-point scale, reaching 10.3, and is now in the so-called “black” area.

Major X9.33 solar #flare from #sunspot region 12673
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