The smallest village in Switzerland will be turned into a hotel

The smallest village in Switzerland will be turned into a hotel

The Swiss authorities decided to turn some of the houses of the village of Corippo in the Canton of Ticino in hotel rooms, to attract tourists and save the community from death.

Community Corippo was created over 600 years ago.

In the XIX century there were more than 300 inhabitants, but now in the village there are only 16 people — 15 retirees and one mayor.

The younger generation left the community for a lot of cities where you can study and work, writes the BBC.

Corippo is not the only Swiss village that began to fade as soon as traditional agriculture in the mountains has become uneconomical. Now in Corippo no shops, schools, and children. Although the village is just a 30-minute drive from the lively town of Locarno, not every risk to reach her on the narrow road.

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More than 60 traditional stone houses in Corippo foreclosure. Someone died, someone moved away, leaving the old place personal belongings. Not to let the village die, the authorities decided to turn some of the empty houses in a hotel room.

A similar concept is “scattered hotel” is already in force in some Italian mountain villages, but in Switzerland it has not been tested. However, designers will have to work hard not to spoil the appearance of the village, recognized as a historical monument, and to create comfortable conditions for tourists.

Residents of Corippo and its mayor are pinning their hopes on this idea. They expect that you will live side by side with villagers and the local bar will be the unofficial property.

“It’s good for the village, for the future, because most of us grow old. With this project people will come again here,” the locals believe.