The Russians were less likely to visit clinics

The Russians were less likely to visit clinics

In 2016, the number of visits to outpatient clinics decreased by 47 million According to experts, this indicates the reduced availability of medical care. The Ministry of health explains these figures by a reduction of “unjustified” visits.

The number of outpatient visits in 2016 have reduced compared to 2015 47 million, recorded in his report (the document is at RBC) the experts of the Fund “Health” on the basis of Rosstat data. Ambulatory medical care includes services of the clinic, including the visiting of patients by physicians at home. “These data show the groundlessness of the claims of the Ministry of health that the reduction of beds in hospitals kompensiruet growth in the volume of health care services in primary care”, — emphasize in the Fund.

The experts record the declining attendance of outpatient clinics each year. In 2016, went there 1 billion 204 million times, in 2015 — 1 billion 251 million in 2014 — 1 billion 291 million

The decrease in the number of visits may indicate low availability of medical care in clinics, says the Chairman of the Moscow city scientific society of physicians Pavel Vorobiev.

The availability of aid has been limited — to get to the doctors harder and harder. It is very difficult to sign up to any specific specialist. We must first go to the therapist and he will guide you where you want to. In the end, people either go to private clinics, or refuse doctor.Paul Vorobyevite of the Moscow city scientific society of physicians

At the same day care (where the patient performs all the necessary procedures, and spend the night at home) can’t substitute for the reduction of outpatient care, says Gavrilov. Day hospital services are inaccessible to rural residents, he explained.