The Parliament of Catalonia approved a referendum on independence

The Parliament of Catalonia adopted the law on referendum, allowing 1 October to be held in the Autonomous region voting on independence. About it reports Reuters.

The bill was adopted by deputies of the party “Together “Yes”” and “the Candidacy of national unity”, which has an absolute majority.

The Spanish government previously called the referendum illegal and vowed to prevent the people’s will. Previously, the government of Catalonia has developed a document according to which on the region’s independence will be declared immediately in the event of failure of the Central government to allow a referendum on secession from Spain.

Catalonia — an Autonomous community in the North-East of Spain. Recently in the Kingdom has significantly increased separatist sentiment. At the end of September last year, the Parliament of Catalonia approved a resolution on holding a plebiscite on the question of secession from Spain, but the constitutional court annulled this law.