The candidate for Chancellor of Germany spoke about sat up in his post trump

Martin Schulz

The leader of the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD), candidate for Chancellor Martin Schulz believes that the President of the United States Donald trump too long is your post. About this politician said in an interview with Zeit Magazin.

Schultz answered 99 questions edition. In particular, the 74th issue concerns the predictions about how much time it will head the White house by its current owner. “In my opinion, he has held the office too long,” said the leader of the social Democrats.

German politician repeatedly were critical of the American leader, urging Europeans not to comply with the political logic of trump.

Elections to the Bundestag will be held in Germany on September 24. According to data cited by Deutsche Welle, the CDU/CSU of Angela Merkel is ready to vote, 37 percent of voters for the SPD Schultz — 23 percent of German citizens.