The Americans thought about the renaming of the hurricane “Irma” in “Ivanka”

Ivanka Trump

More than six thousand people at the time of publishing notes signed the petition to rename the hurricane “Irma” in “Ivanka”. Voting takes place on the Internet-portal of the Petition Site.

“Hurricane “Harvey” in Houston became a striking example of how climate change is making hurricanes more powerful and more dangerous (…) Even the daughter of the President of the United States Donald trump] Ivanka trump, who promised to try to influence his father on some issues, such as climate change, quietly took the inaction of the administration on this serious issue,” the petition reads.

Activists noted that while the daughter of an American leader standing off to the side, she was involved in “the destruction faced by the Americans from the actions of the administration of her father’s.”

The document also notes that it is necessary to collect the signatures of at least 10 thousand people.

Hurricane “Irma” called the most powerful hurricane in the Atlantic over the last decade. His victims were already 10 people.

1 Jun trump announced U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement. He condemned the “draconian” financial and economic burden that it imposes on the country. However, he added that the United States will begin negotiations about re-entry into the Paris agreement, or the conclusion of new transactions on the appropriate U.S. conditions. On 3 June, the permanent representative of the United States to the United Nations said that the President still believes in the reality of climate change.