Russia is discussing with Iraq the transfer of its Embassy, media reported


© Sputnik / Nazek Mohammed

Moscow is negotiating with Baghdad on a new site near the Russian Embassy, because the Embassy is in an old building not in the safest area of the capital of Iraq, writes the newspaper “Izvestia”, citing high-ranking sources in diplomatic circles of the Russian Federation.

“There are negotiations on granting of Russia of a new site for the Embassy in Baghdad. And in General the Iraqis are ready to allocate it to us, but we have doubts about the safety of the area. Now we evaluate whether it is advisable to agree on the plot, which is ready to allocate power of Iraq, because everything comes down to safety and construction time,” — said the source publication.

He also added that the work in the present building of the Russian diplomatic mission so dangerous that there send only men without families.

The edition has reminded that now the Russian Embassy is located in the district of al-Mansur. The safest area of the city is “green area”, where the complex of government buildings, offices of foreign firms and foreign Embassy.

The newspaper’s source said that the negotiations on the new territory under the Russian Embassy in Baghdad says only the territory located on the way to the airport. That is why the decision to move has not been made yet, said the interlocutor of “Izvestia”.