Putin urged



The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that the sanctions issue on the Korean Peninsula will not be solved.

“It is clear that to solve the problems of the Korean Peninsula solely by sanctions and pressure, it is impossible, — he said following Russian-Korean talks. — Do not succumb to emotions and to drive North Korea into a corner.”

“Now more than ever everyone needs to stay calm and to avoid steps leading to escalation of tensions, — said the President. Without political and diplomatic tools the situation to move is extremely difficult, or to be more accurate, I believe, it is impossible at all.” Putin recalled that the specific considerations outlined in the Russian-Chinese road map. “We urge all stakeholders to look closely at this initiative, which, in our opinion, offers a realistic way to reduce tension and staged regulation,” — said the head of state.

The Russian President assured his counterpart moon Jae-In, that Russia does not recognize North Korea’s nuclear status.

“Confirmed Mr moon Jae-Inu our fundamental position that we do not recognize the nuclear status of North Korea”, — said Putin.

Summing up his talks with the President of the Republic of Korea, Putin called them open and productive. According to him, the leaders agreed to maintain contacts on a regular basis. “I have formed the strong opinion that our Korean colleagues are interested in the development of bilateral relations, — said the President of the Russian Federation. — I want to confirm the same interest from the Russian side”.