Moscow is the leader among Russian cities for quality education

Moscow is the leader among Russian cities for quality education

MOSCOW, 7 sen — news. Moscow education in recent years has undergone a series of transformations and became the undisputed leader in the country in terms of quality, said Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin, opening the forum “City of education” at ENEA.

Moscow international forum “City of education” is held from 7 to 9 September in pavilion 75 of the VDNH. During the event, more than 150 Russian and foreign companies will present at the forum the most topical programs of recent times, methods and projects in the field of training and control the quality of education.

“Welcome to the forum our colleagues from almost all regions of our country. And I am glad to welcome colleagues from almost 40 countries of the world. We value the experience of each region and each country. The forum “City of education”, which takes place in Moscow, not accidental — in Moscow almost two million students, and the city is constantly looking for new technologies in education”, — said Sobyanin in his welcoming speech.

Moscow education in recent years has come a long way and today is the undisputed leader in our country for quality education.Sergei Sobjanina Moscow

The mayor thanked his colleagues from the Agency PISA, conducted an international study of the quality of education in Moscow. According to this study, the quality of reading and mathematical literacy in Moscow is in sixth place among the world’s best education systems. The mayor congratulated the school and students with such success.

According to him, the city continues to look for new ways of development of education, making it more adapted to the conditions of modern life. The mayor said that with the help of higher educational institutions of Moscow, high-tech companies and museums in the city to create new classes — engineering, pedagogical, scientific and cadet.