Moscow authorities refused to agree a picket near the Embassy of Myanmar

The government of Moscow refused to agree on a picket at the Embassy of Myanmar. About it to Agency “Interfax” reported event organizer Arslan Khasavov.

He was planning to organize an event on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street numbering up to 200 people by Friday evening. The city authorities explained the refusal violations when submitting the application — it did not specify the purpose of the picket. The city pointed to the lack of sufficient space for the specified number of picketing and, as a consequence, interference with pedestrians.

Khasavov said that he hoped for a resumption of dialogue. However, he promised in the case of final refusal to take to the picket.

3 September at the Embassy of Myanmar in Moscow held an unauthorized action. Participants of the rally spoke in support of the Rohingya people professing Islam.

On 25 August the militants of the movement “army of Arakan Rohingya solidarity” made in the West of Myanmar attack on a few dozen strong points of the police. For the week, the number of victims of collisions has exceeded 400 people.

Rohingya people — an ethnic minority living on the territory of Myanmar’s Rakhine state. They call themselves the indigenous people of the region, but the authorities do not recognize them as its citizens. Rohingya have been denied citizenship, they do not have access to medical care and is restricted in movement in the country. Representing the people associate it with religion: they are Muslims, and the majority of the population are Buddhists.