Media called the name of a possible new Secretary of state

Media called the name of a possible new Secretary of state

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley can hold the office of Secretary of state and the change in this position Rex Tillerson. On Wednesday, September 6, according to Foreign Policy.

A source indicated that the rumours about this are circulating in Washington last week. It is also noted that Haley is already doing the work Tillerson de facto, because he even made a statement about missile tests of the DPRK.

In turn, Haley has criticized the North Korean launches, and also touched upon the nuclear deal with Iran.

In the state Department argue that Tillerson after the storm “Harvey” went to Texas, and issues related to North Korea, decides, without making it public.

On 1 September it was reported that the President of the United States Donald trump is dissatisfied with the work Tillerson due to disagreements on the deployment of additional U.S. troops in Afghanistan. Also the discontent of the trump allegedly caused the position of the head of the US diplomacy in relation to the policy against Cuba and Qatar. In July about the possible resignation Tillerson reported CNN.

Rex Tillerson was appointed Secretary of state on February 1. The corresponding decision by the majority of votes adopted the Senate of the U.S. Congress.