Media called favorite phrase trump

Media called favorite phrase trump

Most often in his public speeches, Donald trump uses the phrase “We’ll see” (“Look”). Reported by the Associated Press.

The reporters note that these words of the President of the United States uses in a variety of circumstances. The wording “the view” trump was used as to describe their plans for North Korea and talking about the consequences of the hurricane “Harvey”.

The assumption of journalists commented on former political adviser to trump during the presidential election Sam Nunberg. According to him, frequent use of this phrase characterizes the style of trump as a politician.

This is due to the fact that its overall strategy of negotiations is unpredictable and evasive. All that remains is to guess [what will trump].Sam NurnbergMesse political adviser to trump during the presidential election

Biographer Donald trump and the author of “never enough. Donald trump and thirst for success” Michael D’ Antonio said that, in his opinion, this phrase gives the President to introduce an element of intrigue in his words. “To say “view”, it can be said, the way to Express that in words there is something implied, that will be revealed in due time”, — said the writer.

NewsSocial networks laugh at the “covfefe” trump

At the end of may from the Twitter account of Donald trump there was a mysterious message with the word “covfefe” that don’t exist in the English language. “Despite the constant negative press… covfefe” (“Despite the constant negative press covfefe”), was the text of the message. One of the assumptions of covfefe was supposed to be the word “coverage” (press coverage), but the author of the tweet I made a typo and published unfinished tweet.