Madrid intends to sue the government of Catalonia for the referendum on independence

Mariano Rajoy

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has promised to appeal to the constitutional court with the claim about cancellation of the decision of the authorities of Catalonia to organize the 1 October of the referendum on independence for the region. About it reports Reuters.

According to Rajoy, the law on holding plebiscite in the Autonomous community contrary to the Constitution, according to which Spain is indivisible state.

In turn, the General Prosecutor of the Kingdom of Jose Manuel Maza, said that his Department will investigate and stop any attempts of preparation to the referendum — the publication and distribution of promotional materials, leaflets, and also the equipment of polling stations.

MAZ also did not rule out that in this regard, the leading Catalan politicians campaigning for secession from Spain, could be subject to criminal prosecution.

On 6 September the Parliament of Catalonia adopted the law on referendum, allowing 1 October to be held in the Autonomous region voting on independence. Earlier regional authorities have developed a document according to which on the region’s independence will be declared immediately in the event of failure of the Central government to allow a referendum on secession from Spain.

Catalonia — a region in the North-East of Spain, which seeks to secede from the Kingdom. The Parliament of Catalonia on 9 November 2014, voted for sovereignty. The Declaration, which was supported by the majority of parliamentarians, set the period of eighteen months, during which Catalonia should get independence.