In Odessa, the radicals burned the clock with Russian symbols

The radicals of the extremist organization “Right sector”* burned wall clock with Russian symbols in one of the hotels of Odessa, said on Wednesday the Internet-the edition “Strenia”.

According to the publication, the watch was hanging at the hotel “continental”. Radicals doused them with a flammable substance and set on fire.

“Here’s a video from the hotel where absolutely calm myself hanging watch with the Russian tricolor and the inscription “the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation”. The security guard ran after us and asked me to return the watch back”, — quotes “Strenia” the record of the former head of the Odessa cell “Right sector” Sergey Sternenko on the page on Facebook.

“Right sector” — Ukrainian Union of radical nationalist organizations. In January and February 2014 the militants of the movement participated in the clashes with the police and the seizure of administrative buildings, and from April — in the suppression of protests in the East of Ukraine. In November 2014, the Supreme court has recognized the Union of right-wing extremist organization and banned its activities in Russia. In January 2015, “the Right sector” was included in the list of prohibited in Russia organizations.

*Organization banned in Russia