Billionaire Branson outlasted “Irma” in his wine cellar

Billionaire Branson outlasted “Irma” in his wine cellar

The head of the Virgin Group has decided not to leave his private island, which was a hurricane on the way “Irma”, hiding him in the basement of the mansion.

The head of Virgin Group Richard Branson, whose fortune Forbes estimates at $5 billion, refused to leave its island of Necker in the Caribbean, despite the approach of hurricane “Irma”, managed to survive the rage of the elements, the press service of the company Virgin Limited Edition (VLE).

Experienced a night of howling wind and rain as #hurricaneirma edges closer. Expecting full force in about 4 hours, we’ll retreat into a concrete wine cellar under the house. Wonderful team calm and upbeat.

Publication from Richard Branson (@richardbranson) Sep 6 2017 6:08 PDT

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On 6 September, Branson announced that before the advent of “Irma”, he, along with his family and subordinates hid in a specially equipped to protect against hurricanes wine cellar.

Thursday VLE said that all remaining on the Necker, the people happily remained alive and healthy, and he retweeted Branson’s message on his page in Twitter.

Our thoughts are with our friends&family in the Caribbean. We’re grateful to report that our team on Island are safe

— VirginLimitedEdition (@VirginLimitedEd) September 7, 2017
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“We are very pleased to announce that all our team on the Island is safe. Necker survived the impact of hurricane “Irma,” he caused significant damage, the extent of which remains to be assessed”, — is spoken in the message of the VLE.

The son of the head of the Virgin Group Sam Branson announced on his page in Instagram that all people on the Necker in order, though many buildings were destroyed.

The National hurricane center of the USA noted that the maximum wind speed “Irma” is now about 285 km/h and the eye of the hurricane moves to the Northwest coast of the Dominican Republic. According to the forecast, in the coming hours the hurricane may pass near the Turks and Caicos Islands, and then approaching the Bahamas.

According to the latest figures, the Islands of the Caribbean who have survived a stroke “Irma”, killed at least ten people.